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What can I do?

When I think of the word “need” I don’t have to look far to see someone with one ( or two….), Recent events in Haiti come to mind, but that’s merely the most recent one. I have had the great opportunity to photograph a ministry ( that I think does a fantastic job of serving needs locally…..and they have done so quietly, consistently for many years. I’ve watched them grow to expand their services to meet an overwhelming demand and am humbled and honored that I was called upon to help them in some way……I can’t do very much for them, but this I could do….

Folks that need a clean, warm, dry place to sleep can find it here. I think the best part is the warm smile and cheerful hearts one will find….every time.

Every person I met was happy and glad to be doing what they could for someone else. This gentleman is the longest serving volunteer….he had a lot to share, best of all, a steady calmness that would benefit anyone.

Other slightly younger volunteers do heavier lifting, but again with a cheerfulness that is contagious……I smiled all day.

a couple of hundred hot meals are served each day…..and it was good, I’m tellin’ you.

I found a genuine concern and love for everybody that walked through the door……even me……kind of makes you want to hang out there all day.

Here are the couple that started it all some years ago with the idea that they would help a handful of homeless people regain a bit of dignity and stability back into their lives……I’m proud to have gotten to know them.

Must Ministries serves a five county area on a shoestring, solely provided by donations from people like you and me that take the words of John 13:34 seriously……