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I shoot Rock N’ Roll…..

As miserably uncool as I may seem, I sometimes pull off being a bit Rock “N”Roll…..I have even been paid to shoot it! what a gig! I haven’t really pursued the music industry very hard, as I find entertainers characteristically a narcissistic bunch who have to out-cool whomever they come in contact with….and that includes me. However, wouldn’t you know it, I keep finding humble, dedicated, and rectified people to make me eat those words….here are a few examples….

This is Shondrea, a producer of the likes of Ludacris and many other names you may not know….

This is is American Revolution….they look cold because it was 10 degrees the day of photography.

here’s Yung Joc……pretty nice guy, but all business…..seems quite popular….we got MOBBED out on the street shooting this picture….guess I shoulda thought about that before putting him on the busiest street in south Atlanta….

Katie is a great Christian artist…has a record or two out…..this is the cover art for “meadows of mercy” ….hence the concept ….meadow….. told you I wasn’t too cool….

here’s Nova4Jehovah….he let me just do what I wanted….so we trespassed onto a condemned bridge…..dodged the cops, which is always good for your street cred.I actually shot him on two occasions but I’ll hold it to one image here…..

what to do with your hands? hmmmmm….I can’t help being a bald headed white guy.

so, if you’re a little bit country or a little bit rock ‘n’ roll….then I’m your man…….but only if you give out cool lessons while we’re at it…

the old FDC

Many years ago, my dear Mother In Law gave me a box of old cameras as studio decoration (that’s right….I had a STUDIO!). Some were quite old, others not too old, but I accepted them with great relish since I love old gadgets and such. When I was in college , a few years ago, we built our own cameras that were our ONLY authorized classroom tool for the first year (!) so, I felt quite confident that I could get one or two of these relics back in the game. The one that seemed particularly best for refurbishment (or total destruction…) was a 1956 Agfa copy of Brownie’s 620 camera. made for the American market, but manufactured in Germany it had refinements that the Brownie didn’t have, namely a glass optic (albeit a single element! more like a magnifying glass!). I replaced the shutter spring, sanded all the friction points, and then went to building a way to transport modern 120 film through a 620 gate. That proved the toughest part, but eventually I felt like I had a reliable film transport system and could use film manufactured today as opposed to 620 which saw it’s last production run a while back. In all I put about five dollars in parts into it……hence the name: FDC…..Five Dollar Camera.
I don’t have the first roll I shot through the camera, but I have many subsequent rolls….take a look…..

Now for the real thing:

This camera has made the rounds….and I continue to use it….the venerable FDC, still going strong after 60 years…..